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Go solar with a Solar Electric Texas rooftop system

Local homeowners can go solar with no installation or maintenance costs while enjoying stable, long-term energy prices through Solar Electric Texas’s Residential Solar Program.

Solar Electric Texas installs photovoltaic arrays at the homes of participating customers. Solar Electric Texas will operate the systems, using them to help provide participants with electric service for a set monthly fee that is dramatically lower than their current electric bill.

The program is available for 400 customers in 2016. Solar Electric Texas has accepted applications from about 120 customers so far and plans to accept additional applications in November until the program is fully subscribed. Additional details and a link to the application form will be distributed through the program’s email list. To sign up for the list, click here.

Read on to learn more about the Solar Electric Texas Residential Solar Program.


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Solar Electric Texas Residential Solar Program

Program Benefits

  • No up-front installation or long-term maintenance costs.


  • Participating customers’ electricity costs will be fixed, offering future savings if CPS Energy standard electric rates increase.


  • Guaranteed transfer of ownership with the sale of the home.


  • The program will be available CPS Energy customers that have a qualifying credit score of 640.


  • Solar Electric Texas will operate, and maintain the PV systems, relieving concerns about reliability or long-term costs.


  • Because of solar power systems, they contribute to the reliability and stability of the local electric grid.


  • Solar Electric Texas PV systems will allow participants to avoid restrictive provisions of solar lease agreements when selling their home. The system and fixed electric rate could remain with the home, providing sellers with an attractive, marketable feature.

Availability and Eligibility

When will this new program be available?

The program is available now. Customers who would like to participate should register their interest for the program. Only those who have signed up for the interest list will receive the link to the program’s online application form when it becomes available.

How many customers will be able to participate?

Solar Electric Texas has the ability to provide this program to 400 Homes.

Will the program be available to all residential electric customers?

The program will be available on a first come, first serve basis to customers who submit online applications that satisfy Solar Electric Texas’s qualification criteria. If interest exceeds program availability, Solar Electric Texas may prioritize applications for homes in areas where solar resources will provide maximum benefits to our local grid. Those whose applications are not selected will be placed on a waiting list.

What are Solar Electric Texas's qualification criteria for the program?

Participation is limited to the owners of standalone, single-family homes whose FICO are 640 and above. All property owners must sign the program contract.

The program is not available to renters.

Will my home be inspected to ensure I qualify for the program?

Solar Electric Texas site planner will examine your roof, establish its structural integrity and review your electric service entrance to ensure that your home satisfies necessary permitting and design requirements.

Program Costs

Is there a fee to participate in the program?

There are no fees to program participants. After participants will pay a fixed solar payment for electric service to a solar lender and a fixed monthly base charge to the participants utility company.

How much will my fixed solar payment be?

Your fixed solar payment would be approximately 10% to 15% less than your average electric bills during the 12 months before you signed up for the program. Because that average reflects usage from all seasons, your payment would be fixed at a level between your highest and lowest bills.

Will this program reduce my monthly electric bills?

If electric rates and energy costs increase after you join the program, your fixed solar payment would remain locked in at a level that represents savings compared to those higher rates and costs.

Will my fixed solar payment ever change?

Your fixed solar payment would remain the same for a period of 18 months to 20 years depending on the payment you select. We allow flexibility in our payments, with our program we recognize that everyone’s needs are different so depending on the factors for your homes financial situation we adapt to cater to your needs as to save everyone the amount of money that they need to save either immediately or long term.

Installation and Maintenance

How long will it take to install the system on my home after I sign the Authorization to Proceed?

Generally speaking, participants can expect to have a system installed within approximately eight to twelve weeks after the contract is executed. The installation itself should take about one week

How much load will this system put on my roof? Can I have it installed on the ground

A typical photovoltaic (PV) system creates 3-4 pounds per square foot of load on a roof. Ground-mounted systems will be considered on a case by case basis.

Can the solar array be removed to accommodate roof maintenance or replacement?

Yes but only Solar Electric Texas authorized technicians can remove the panels. The participant will be responsible for the cost of pane removal and replacement.

Am I responsible for repairs or maintenance of the system?

No, because solar systems are required to be repaired through electrical contractors, Solar Electric Texas will provide all routine maintenance and repairs (excluding typical roof maintenance that is already required prior to the customer becoming a participant in the program). Solar Electric Texas will assist in repairs, maintenance and warranty claims for the system.

What if I have a problem with the system?

Any question or concern about the solar power system or the program itself can be directed to Solar Electric Texas’s Customer Service department at (520) 858 0220

Other Concerns

What happens after my payments stop?

At the end of payments homeowners no longer have to pay for portion of energy generated through solar.

What happens if I sell my home after it's equipped with a Solar Electric Texas system through the program?

Solar Electric Texas intends for the solar system to remain with the property for as long as the system is functional which could be 40 to 50 years. If the program participant sells the home, the new homeowner can simply assume the remainder of the contract by filling out and submitting a transfer/assignment form to a Solar Electric Texas solar lender.

What if I have a complaint about the program that I cannot resolve with Solar Electric Texas?

Solar Electric Texas is regulated by the Texas Registrar of Contractors and you have the right to file a written complaint with the Registrar of Contractors for an alleged violation of Section 32-1154, Subsection A. Texas Registrar of Contractors, 602-542-1525, www.azroc.gov. Complaints must be made within the applicable time period as set forth in Section 32-1155, Subsection A. This Contract is a legally binding agreement to the Parties signed below. It is not assignable and can only be terminated according to the provisions herein. You are advised to seek legal counsel before signing this Contract.

Who receives the benefit of tax incentives or rebates?

In most cases the homeowner receives the benefit of tax incentives or rebates however if the homeowner is unable to realize the tax incentives or rebates Solar Electric Texas can utilize the rebates and pass those savings on to the program participant.

What if I have additional questions?

Please feel free to email us at robertw.solar@gmail.com

Or call 520-858-0220

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